The areas the Institute will work on


  • The Institute will continue to work with all the stakeholders including private sector, government sector and non government sector towards achieving excellence in environmental conservation for sustainable development
  • Provide a help desk to the industry in matters related to the environment. This is facilitated by having a multidisciplinary and diverse membership and database on all matters related to environment.
  • Empowerment on environmental issues for both the novice and the practitioner of environment so that he/she can be better equipped to face the challenges of today.
  • Quest for promoting sustainable  & environmental friendly lifestyles  through which our Carbon footprint is made small and contentment is made large.
  • Have a Young Environmental Forum which is the young members section/charter of the Institute
  • Have regional IEPSL Chapters either in regional universities or institutes and  facilitate them to organize activities.
  • Organise events such as,
    • Competitions – Young Environmental Inventors in association with the industry who will benefit from the products/services from the inventions
    • Exhibitions coupled with the AGM
    • CSR projects
    • Cricket matches, networking events
    • Seminars/workshops at both central and regional level
    • Training courses- both initial and Continuous Professional Development
    • Newsletter- both hard copy and electronic
    • Journal
    • Liaise with similar environmental professionals in other countries ie IEP in UK