President’s Message

Message from the President of the Institute of Environmental Professionals Sri Lanka

As the newly elected President of the Institute of Environmental Professionals (IEPSL) at its Annual General Meeting held on 29th March 2023, it gives me great pleasure to issue a short message.
Now more than ever, the subject of environmental management and protection has taken greater significance, as we live in a world that is plagued by enormous environmental challenges such as global warming which threatens the very existence of humankind. While global environmental issues are undoubtedly dire, we in Sri Lanka face an even wider range of environmental challenges on a daily basis. In this context, the role played by environmental professionals, is of crucial importance, if we are to successfully tackle the environmental issues facing the country. Goven the Government’s commitment to supporting the Paris goals of limiting global warming to 1.5 Centigrade, for us as a climate-vulnerable developing country this is a matter of vital national security. If this target is not met, we will lose much of our coastlines, our ecosystems and our agriculture.
The establishment of a professional body such as the IEPSL in 2006 and its subsequent incorporation through an Act of Parliament in 2020, has filled a long felt need in the country.
The contribution of the IEPSL in maintaining professional standards and ethics within the environmental professional community in Sri Lanka is invaluable, especially if we are to successfully meet the environmental challenges we face today as a nation. Furthermore, the IEPSL has been playing an invaluable role in the recent past, through its active participation in policy dialogues related to environmental issues in the country.
The newly elected Office Bearers and Council look forward to further and active interaction with the Institute’s Chartered Environmental Professionals (CEnvP’s) and its general membership to work strongly together in enhancing a strong network to foster and support the environmental agenda of the country.

Shiranee E Yasaratne
President / IEPSL