• Standing Committees shall be established by the Council for the purpose of advising the Council on matters of
    specific concern.
  • The members of the Standing Committees shall be appointed at the Annual General Meeting from among the membership.


  • The following Standing Committees shall be appointed;
    a Finance Committee 
    b Academic and Examination Committee c
    c Membership Committee 
    d Industrial Relations Committee 
    e Marketing and Communication Committee 
    f Research and Publication Committee 


  • The maximum number of members of each Standing Committee shall be limited to ten.
  • The vacancies in the Standing Committees will be filled by the Council with suitable members.
  • The Council shall appoint a Council member as the chairperson for each Standing Committee except for the
    Finance Committee, which is chaired by the President. The Secretary of each Standing Committee shall be
    appointed from among the members of each Standing Committee by the chairperson of the committee in
    consultation with members of the committee.
  • The Standing Committees shall meet as frequently as required by conventional or electronic mode, but at least
    once a month. Minutes of the Standing Committee meetings shall be maintained and submitted to the Secretary
    of the Institute. Standing Committees shall submit monthly reports on matters for approval and information to
    the Council, one week prior to the Council meeting.
  • Every Standing Committee shall frame procedures for the conduct of its business; such procedures shall be subject
    to approval of the Council after which they shall become operative.
  • The Standing Committees will be responsible to prepare a road map according to the objectives mentioned above
    with an indicative budget within a month of appointment of Standing Committees, which will be presented to
    the Council at its second meeting by the chairperson.
  • The quorum for a meeting of any Standing Committee shall be three.
  • The administration and resource coordination for each Standing Committee and coordination among Committees
    will be the responsibility of the Secretary of the Institute.
  • The council may establish additional Standing Committees from time to time if deemed necessary