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The Sub Committees and their roles and responsibilities

Membership committee

    • Evaluate membership (both individual & corporate)
    • Increase the membership base of the Institute
    • Increase the quality of member’s benefits
    • Maintain the discipline among the membership base and set guidelines for improvements

Marketing and Communication Committee


  • To provide independent scientific knowledge based on credible facts to the policy makers and the general public, on pressing / crucial environmental issues.
  • To provide code of ethics to enhance professionalism amongst the members and other environmental professionals in the Country.

Research and Publication Committee


  • Facilitate the exchange of ideas, knowledge and information between environmental professionals and other relevant groups by means of scientific publications and fora
  • Promote advancement of environmental knowledge across different professionals and industry sectors for the betterment of the environment
  • Promote continuous professional development by conducting scientific research

Industrial Relations Committee


  • Recognition of Environmental Professionals and protection of dignity.
  • Mediate and enlighten the relevant masses on national environmental issues which arise from time to time.
  • Capacity building for environmental professionals through knowledge sharing integration.
  • Promotion of good environmental Governance to the policy makers.
  • Being the change agent in promote environmental excellence in industries.

Academic and Examination Committee        


  • Empowerment of all environmental professionals on Sustainable Development through conducting CPD programmes.
  • Enhancing sustainability of SMEs through training of SME sector in all parts of the country on Sustainable Development
  • Review the charter award process to achieve international recognition

Finance  Committee


  • Fulfill gaps related to National dialogue on environmental issues.
  • To advise the Council on matters related to finance
  • Develop a strong Environmental Institute in the Country.

Criteria to become a Member

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