Call for Applications for Award of Chartered Environmental Professional – 2023

Applications are called from eligible members of IEPSL for the award of the Chartered Environmental Professional – 2023.

The following documents are attached for your reference:

    • Attachment 1          Application form for the Award of Charter
    • Attachment 2          The process for Award of Charter including the eligibility criteria, application procedure and evaluation procedure

The closing date for applications is 4.30 pm on 31st August 2023

Any candidate eligible to apply for the award of the Charter may submit an application on the prescribed form along with the required documents as stated in the above attachments to the IEPSL Secretariat on or before the closing time and date.

Please note that the eligibility criteria include that the member must have paid the membership fees for the current year (2023) and is thus a member of good standing.

The decision to award the Charter will be purely based on the competence of the candidate as demonstrated in the evaluation, as stipulated in the process described in Attachment 2. 

M J J Fernando 
Hony. Secretary