Call for Applications for the Charter Membership – 2019

The Council of IEPSL decided to call for applications from eligible members of IEPSL for the Chartered Environmental Professional (CEnvP) membership.

The application form is sent herewith as attachment 1, and the eligibility criteria, procedure for application and evaluation process are stated in the attached document 2.

The closing date for applications is 11-10-2019

In order to consider for the award of Charter, the following requirements should be fulfilled by you before 11-10-2019.

  1. Eligibility for charter – please see the eligibility criteria given in section 1 of the attachment 2. The eligibility criteria will be strictly adhered to in the award of the charter. Please note that the applicants should have been a member for at least 3 years, (with no arrears) including the current year.
  2. Document submission






Application form for the Award of   Charter

Attachment 1 – Application for Charter


Curriculum Vitae (2 hard copies and a soft copy) 

Page 2, Section 2, Bullet Point 1 of   Attachment 2 – Award of Charter


Report/ Review  (2 hard copies and a soft copy) 

Page 2, Section 2, Bullet Point 2 of Attachment 2 – Award of Charter


  1. Payment of Application Processing Fee (Please refer last Bullet Point of the Section 2 of the Attachment 2 – Award of Charter)

Payments could be made by cash or by cheque drawn in favor of the “Institute of Environmental Professionals Sri Lanka”. Documents can be submitted by hand or by registered post.

Please note that late applications will not be entertained since a tight schedule is to be followed as per the schedule of activities which was finalized at the Council meeting in order to achieve this target.

It is planned to organize a workshop by IEPSL, in order to explain to interested eligible members how to fill in the application form and prepare the required reports for the award of Charter, like last year, if sufficient numbers express their interest to participate in such a workshop. This program will be conducted in the last week of September 2019. This workshop will only be a service provided by the IEPSL to help the prospective candidates, and will not have any bearing on the final decision to award the Charter. Decision to Award the Charter will be purely based on the competence of the candidate as demonstrated in the evaluation, as stipulated in the process described in the attached document 2. A nominal fee will be charged from those attending the workshop to cover the cost of the program.

Please let me know if you would be attending this workshop on or before 20th  September 2019, in order to organize same.

Thanking you

On behalf of the Hony. Secretary & Academic & Examination Committee
Piyumi Dadigamuwa
Executive Secretary

Application for Charter Member

Award of Charter - 2019